EUR/USD Price Analysis: Fresh One-Month Low as 2020 Downtrend Continues

A few days ago, I spoke about my latest EUR/USD price analysis, which continues to show a fresh one-month low in USD/EUR. However, it’s clear that a few technical indicators can’t really hide this coming downtrend into 2020, and many traders are just looking for buying opportunities to lock in a short term profit.

This is where I want to make one thing clear – this particular trend will reverse in the next couple of months. This is nothing to worry about, however, since EUR/USD price is only down for a few weeks, and the trend is still steady. For more information on where to get a few fresh cheap EUR/USD trade, please click the link below.

You may be wondering why it’s a good idea to buy at the end of the year. The answer is that the price is likely to eventually reverse into the oversold level, and the next few months are going to be the most profitable times to strike. So, if you have been holding out, now is the time to make your move.

As you know, there is a wide range from which to buy, and even though you can potentially take advantage of this short-term weakness, it is certainly not a good idea to jump on any one offer, as the market is likely to react by quickly moving back into the oversold levels. So, it’s best to focus on a couple of offers that can lead to continued short term gains.

There are several sell offers available for EUR/USD right now, and you may even get lucky and find a few trading sessions with less than 2% profits. At the same time, we are seeing that you can find fresh short term options for both the EMA/USD pair, and the MXN/USD pair.

The main reason why I suggest buying in EUR/USD at the end of the year is because the EMA/USD pair is likely to follow suit. Although, you will see that there will be some volatility before this reversal, and that means that you may want to act as soon as possible. That means if you are interested in gaining some short term profits, then you may want to take advantage of these two short term options for USD/EUR.

Similarly, the EMA/USD pair may follow suit, but in the meantime, I would expect the EUR/USD pair to move in the opposite direction. If you are interested in earning a couple of good long term gains in USD/EUR, then it is a good idea to choose a few EUR/USD buy/sell offers, and get a couple of trades out of the way.

At the same time, I am looking forward to seeing if the daily price movement has a short-term deviation, and if this moves in the opposite direction of EUR/USD price, and if you can see a repeat of the months leading up to the reversal at the end of the year. That means that you may want to follow the daily price action.

You may see that the price has started to move up, and this has been reflected by the EUR/USD pair moving higher at the same time. If so, you will likely follow the trend and see that it reverses into the oversold levels, and the market starts to go into a slow recovery pattern.

I hope you consider this a long term investment, and if you follow the stock trend closely, you may see price recovery as early as this month. It’s just a matter of finding the right entry points.

If you feel that you want to act now and lock in a good profit, then this may be a good opportunity to consider these EUR/USD options. – and if the recent swing continues, I would recommend that you consider a strong buy call or put at the upcoming end of the year.

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