How to choose a coat by the type of figure, size and composition

When it starts to get colder, women think about how to choose a coat. We suggest you familiarize yourself with recommendations on how to choose a quality product that will perfectly match your figure and image.

How to choose a women’s coat
A coat is not clothing that can be bought spontaneously. It needs to be selected, taking into account various parameters. Examine them before shopping to avoid common mistakes when choosing clothes.

Which coat to choose

First of all, you need to determine how you will wear your purchased clothing. It also matters whether you are traveling by car or public transport. If you need a universal product that can be worn in any situation, buy a coat of standard length. A short coat of small length, which looks like a long jacket, does not provide adequate protection from the cold. Clothing that reaches the floor is not suitable for women who regularly walk. The best option is the length of the midi (just below the knee). This length does not “cut” the figure, successfully hides skirts and dresses underneath, fits any shoes.

Popular coat variations are by smell, straight / semi-straight. You can say for sure that one of the listed models will suit you. If universality is the determining factor, no doubt choose one of these options. These models always remain fashionable. It is also possible to combine them with any image, improving a variety of images, from classic to casual.

How to choose a coat by fabric composition
Here, the main importance is the frequency with which you are going to wear a female coat. If you want to wear it immediately from the beginning of cold weather to the spring season, then focus on wear resistance. The greatest strength and durability are woolen, tweed, cashmere coats. Therefore, the higher the content of the listed materials in clothing, the more practical it is.

Coat female

Velor and velvet coats, of course, look attractive, but completely impractical. They tend to wear out quickly and lose their original appearance. Leather and suede clothes must be bought in reliable stores, because low-quality materials of this type are quickly washed, thinned, and torn. Synthetic clothing should not be purchased, because it does not provide protection from the cold.

Relevance and quality of cut
How to choose a coat

Particular attention must be paid to the cut of the purchased product. Check how neat and precise the seams are. A sign of quality cut – thin threads and frequent stitches. Well-known fashion designers often tailor their coats for the winter with a manual method. The seams should be hidden under the lining.

At the bottom, the clothes should be folded at least 30 mm, and the sleeves – by 20. If the product has fur components and there are no visible seams on them, this means that they are combined with each other by means of an adhesive composition. There is a possibility that they will simply disintegrate during the operation of the coat. In the pockets located inside the hands should be completely placed. If the product does not meet this criterion, then it is unlikely to fit your waist.

Whatever winter coat you decide to buy, the best option for cutting a sleeve is a semi-raglan. It is very convenient, it makes it possible to wear not only thin shirts under the coat, but also sweaters. Also semi-glider allows you to use purchased outerwear, if you get fat a couple of sizes. Set-in sleeves do not give such an opportunity.

How to choose a coat according to the figure
How should the coat sit? Like denim pants, it should fit your figure. If you are slim or have an hourglass figure, you can purchase any model. Girls with a “triangle” need to focus on their shoulders. Products with a large collar or fur elements are perfect for them.

Holders of a voluminous bust need to focus on the waist and hips. The best option is a wool coat that expands at the bottom.

How to choose the right coat size
When you plan to go to the store to purchase a coat, put on a massive sweater underneath. In the process of trying on outerwear, make sure that it sits normally on your body, not hampering body movements. The sleeve should reach the center of the open palm, and its shape should be spacious, not tight.

Correct coat length
A British coat (cashmere or wool), which is slightly below the knees in length and has several large buttons in the center, is a universal option for any occasion. Such a style that does not have any zest and does not change its shape is neutral and practical. It is suitable for girls who have a narrow figure, a large stature.

For many years, a double-breasted coat-coat, which is complemented by patch pockets, remains fashionable. It looks great on thin and plump women.

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